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Becoming a Grove Tender for Tree Sisters

My nickname in High School was Elf Ellie because I've always loved to play in wilderness. But I never imagined the perfect job title for an Elf would appear until I joined Tree Sisters, a UK charity devoted to reforesting the tropics, and discovered that they had positions for Grove Tenders. Of course, the pay is in the currency elves love best -- friendship and trees. Tree Sisters is currently planting millions of trees a year, with the goal of a billion.

Grove Tenders are women committed to gathering together to restore forests and encourage nature based feminine leadership, so that our world can return to more health and balance. Right now, there are over 100 groves in countries all around the world, from Uganda to Sweden. Women, and men known as Tree Brothers, are coming together to restore our world. In fact, Tree Sisters is committed to us evolving into a Restorer Species, which is what we need to do if we and many other species are going to survive a drastically changing climate.

Our grove is named Star Tree Grove and we meet on the New Moon, which has it's own magic of new beginnings. Tree Sisters wants many more groves, hoping to reach 500 in 50 countries, so if you are interested in starting your own grove, check out

Restorer Species. Just

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