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Message from Gaia on Corona Virus

After I shared this vision in a Tree Sisters facebook group, many people asked me to share it more widely, so I am. I spent the day hiking in redwood wilderness and meditating for a couple hours with an ancient redwood tree. Six months ago, before I went to Florida for medical treatment for my husband, this tree had given me a vision of returning and anchoring violet light (that she told me I'd pick up in Florida) into her root system. In Florida, there were violet sunsets and subtle violet light energy coming into my field. I discovered Sarasota is believed to be under a Star Gate Portal that showers cosmic light down. Home again, I went to the trees, wondering what it would feel like to an

Ways to Nourish Ourselves During Social Distancing

One thing to do during social distancing is to take this time to really pause and deeply rest. Sleep more, which boosts immune systems. Stay warm. Make slow, home-cooked meals. Dream. Do yoga. Meditate. Arts and crafts. Read uplifting, inspiring, or entertaining books. Take baths with essential oils, natural salts, or just a splash of olive oil. Listen to music or enlightening podcasts you may not have had the time for. Go on walks. Greet the trees and plants in your neighborhood. Notice the birds. A daily walk is a great way to ground where you are. Loving where we are is part of bringing our world back to life. Perhaps during this time, we can sprout garden seeds in little pots, and learn

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