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Ways to Nourish Ourselves During Social Distancing

One thing to do during social distancing is to take this time to really pause and deeply rest. Sleep more, which boosts immune systems. Stay warm. Make slow, home-cooked meals. Dream. Do yoga. Meditate. Arts and crafts. Read uplifting, inspiring, or entertaining books. Take baths with essential oils, natural salts, or just a splash of olive oil. Listen to music or enlightening podcasts you may not have had the time for. Go on walks. Greet the trees and plants in your neighborhood. Notice the birds. A daily walk is a great way to ground where you are. Loving where we are is part of bringing our world back to life.

Perhaps during this time, we can sprout garden seeds in little pots, and learn to grow a few herbs like basil and mint in our windowsills. This is a time to dive deep into our hearts and souls. It's okay to feel the grief over climate change that we've been too busy to actually sit with. It's okay to feel the fear. It's okay to allow our highest dreams and visions to emerge out of the depths of our beings.

Eventually this virus will pass both from herd immunity and the development of a vaccine. Then we have big work to do restoring our Earth Home. Reforesting. Cherishing water. Planting food gardens and fruit trees. Continuing to heal our varied but near ubiquitous ancestral wounds as we evolve "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible". (Eisenstein)

We have a lot to do! So, right now, the pandemic that none of us want does give us this blessing of time to pause, get to know ourselves, gather our strength and enter the coming phase with purpose, presence, self-awareness, deep inner guidance, and all the many other gifts as yet to be discovered.

Written in a spirit of hidden blessings and silver linings, with prayers that we all get through this in the easiest, healthiest and most gentle ways possible.

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Janiki Light
Mar 15, 2020

Awesome, Ellen. Lovely images and uplifting words. Right on for staying healthy and grounded anytime and especially during there urgent cleansing times on Earth! Thank-you!

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