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Cranial Sacral Long Tides and Trees

In Biodynamic Cranial Sacral energy work, the slow, rhythms of respiration, called the long tides, are deeply healing for people. Long tides have a rate of 50 second inhalation followed by a 50 second exhalation. Trees naturally have a much slower rhythm than people, closer to the long tides, which may be one of the many reasons we feel so calm and peaceful in the trees. Our bodies adjust to the environment around us. Long tides have been recognized by many different cultures. The Tibetans called them the Unconditioned Winds of the Vital Forces. Even slower than the trees are the slime molds found around them on rotting logs and stumps. These molds have no cell walls and are masses of protoplasm and they show a rhythmic flow that exactly mirrors that of the long tides. For more information check out Franklyn Sills articles and W. Seifriz The Protoplasm of a Slime Mold DVD

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