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Ellen D. Davidson Blog

Looking for a little peace? Lightening up? Comfort in these challenging times? Find a tree! Sit beneath it. Let the slow rhythms of the tree's beautiful being breathe with you. That's what I have done over the past 7 years and it has changed my entire life. I will be posting future blogs about the cutting edge science which reveals that trees do communicate with each other (and probably us), and are conscious beings. I will also be sharing some of the spiritual experiences I have been having with trees. They have been wild, and beautiful, and beyond anything I imagined! Applying meditative teachings from a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, I have been sitting with ancient redwoods. The trees alter my state of consciousness. Scientists have been studying the way our human energy fields affect each other, called entrainment. I have discovered that this is equally true for being around trees. The results of spending time in old growth forests have been increased inner peace, presence, physical healing, insight, enhanced intuition, and joy. Check this site out for more information about Forest Bathing.

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