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Author Ellen Dee Davidson lives in the redwoods of far Northern California. Finding deep peace hiking and meditating in the forest, she has written a book, Wild Path to the Sacred Heart, to share how the ancient trees can guide us in restoring ourselves and our world. Ellen is also the author of children's picture books and a young adult fantasy. 



Stolen Voices by Ellen Dee Davidson


Award winning young adult fantasy, translated into Danish and German, selected as one of the best books for children by the International Youth Library in Germany. 

Princess Justina Albertina by Ellen Dee Davidson


When a spoiled princess finally gets exactly what she wants, she is in big trouble! Inspired by my daughters, Jessica and Michelle, who begged for pet after pet.


                   ZOE, THE MISFIT

In a world of green circles, Zoe is a red triangle. Used in schools to teach peace, tolerance, self-esteem and geometric shapes. 

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Combining wild animal encounters, mystical experiences, and splashes of science about the intelligence of trees, this book uses the author's life to spiral around the central question of how we can both respond to our challenging times and find inner peace, belonging and connection.  









Enchanted by the lush green beauty and deep hush found in the redwood forest, Ellen has spent the last nine years meditating beneath a few ancient trees. To her surprise, she discovered that the trees have different personalities and communicate with her in sensation, image, and wordless knowing. Sometimes she swears she can hear their creaky voices whispering in her mind! 

Sitting with the old growth trees has increased her inner peace and well-being. Ellen has experienced the healing and enlightening power of trees, which are proven by science to lower cortisol, elevate mood and boost immune systems.  Ellen helps support people preserving and restoring forests. 



Ellen Dee Davidson Bio

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, Ellen worked as an elementary, creative writing and piano teacher and raised two daughters, Jessica and Michelle. She has four published books and several magazine articles, including one about saving ancient trees. Ellen lives in the redwoods of Humboldt County with her husband Steve, and dog, Badger.


Susan Bearden Art


In virgin ancient forest

Where nothing has been disturbed

For millions of years

And nature has been allowed

To go her own way

Here, with redwoods

Is a sacred holy wellspring

Of pure clear clean


So old

Always new

Being moment to moment

In something I can only call

Wild grace

In this quiet forest

Where trees hum

Slow speech

Whispering secrets I may never know

To fungi and stars

Here in this place

Of abiding intact wholeness

I find the part of myself

In harmony

The part of myself still whole

Able to receive

And give organically

The part of myself

Whispering the secrets of my heart

Sometimes trees speak in silence, in peace, in deep relaxation that becomes communion. Sometimes they speak in soft whispers, in opening hearts, in waves of well being and joy. Forests speak through rivers of wind caressing needles and leaves, sending messages through the atmosphere to the stars and cascading down to nourish mycilleum clad roots. Sometimes they speak in sensations, knowing, even vision. And then we may wonder where the tree leaves off and we begin, where the human and tree become one breathing entity of Life.

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Susan Beardon Art


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