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Ellen Dee Davidson


Author Ellen Dee Davidson lives in the redwoods of far Northern California. She has published two children's picture books, a young adult fantasy, a forest bathing memoir, a chapter in a women's wisdom book, magazine articles, and her new middle-grade fantasy, WIND. Deeply inspired by the beauty of the forest, Ellen's books are full of the magic and wonder of nature.

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In The Press

Nautilus Gold Winner         WIND middle-grade 2023

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Reprint Coming Soon 12 Willows Press

Upper Middle-Grade Visionary Environmental Fantasy

One of the characters is a forest goddess, a shape-changing tree spirit. She feels mythic and real to me; I see her in my mind's eye as a wise guide. 


     After finishing the book, I started wondering if there were any "real" goddesses like the one I had imagined into story-being. Whoa! There are many forest and tree goddesses from nearly every culture. View more...


Award winning young adult fantasy, translated into Danish and German, selected as one of the best books for children by the International Youth Library in Germany. View More...


When a spoiled princess finally gets exactly what she wants, she is in big trouble! Inspired by my daughters, Jessica and Michelle, who begged for pet after pet. View More...

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Listening to What Trees Have to Teach Us

Recorded with Ellen Dee Davidson


In a world of green circles, Zoe is a red triangle. Used in schools to teach peace, tolerance, self-esteem and geometric shapes. View More...


We’ve all lived through some challenging life lessons, but what if we shared their power to uplift and inspire one another? In this book, 33 women from around the world come together to celebrate the hardships, the celebrations and the revelations of life in today’s world.

Art by Carolan Raleigh-Halsing



Enchanted by the lush green beauty and deep hush found in the redwood forest, Ellen has spent much of her time over the last fifteen years meditating beneath a few ancient trees. To her surprise, she discovered that the trees have different personalities and communicate with her in sensation, image, and wordless knowing. Sometimes she swears she can hear their creaky voices whispering in her mind! 

Sitting with the old growth trees has increased her inner peace and well-being. Ellen shares the healing and enlightening power of trees in her writing, whether it's fantasy for kids or a nonfiction magazine article. She also helps support people preserving and restoring forests.



Ellen Dee Davidson Bio

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz, Ellen worked as an elementary, creative writing and piano teacher and raised two daughters, Jessica and Michelle. She has five published books and several magazine articles, including one about saving ancient trees. Ellen lives in the redwoods of Humboldt County with her husband Steve, and dog, Badger.


Sometimes trees speak in silence, in peace, in deep relaxation that becomes communion. Sometimes trees speak in soft whispers, in opening hearts, in waves of well being and joy. Sometimes trees speak through rivers of wind caressing needles and leaves, sending messages through the atmosphere to the stars and cascading down to nourish mycilleum clad roots. Sometimes trees speak in sensations, knowing, even vision. And then we may wonder where the tree leaves off and we begin, where the human and tree become one breath of Life.

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