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Reviews for Wind


"Wind by Ellen Dee Davidson is simultaneously like walking through a field in bloom on a perfect spring day and like walking into Narnia or the Wizard of Oz—full of suspense, magical imagery, and an adventurous quest.  

Katie’s world is already unraveling as her parents discuss a possible divorce.  As their last argument becomes so heated that Katie herself gets involved—saying and doing mean things that she now regrets—Katie experiences a literal and figurative earthquake.  An earthquake that rocks her world and sends her into an In-between place and into an adventure unlike any other.  As Katie meets Za, a young, blue, gnome-like alien whose guardian sends them on a journey quest by giving them two gifts, she and Za discover new forms of beauty and interconnectedness both in themselves, each other, and in the world around them.   Rife with scientific facts about the Earth’s ecosystem and woven as a tapestry like the elemental design of nature, with bits of Mexican and Irish history and heritage teachings, this book also offers a mirror into other cultures and into our own world.  The writing in this book is the most poignant in the scenes where the author describes the trees’ support systems, their root structure, and the way they support one another and the rest of nature.  In these passages, the writing is seamless, and it carries a passion that I think almost anyone can relate to. I loved the reminder that the Earth and human inhabitants are in a symbiotic relationship.  Ellen’s writing was not only that reminder, but also carried a warning for the consequences should we fail to hold up our end of this contract with the Earth.  Dania says in the book, “What I’m saying is that as you heal yourselves you will also be healing your Earth.” 

Written in a style like that of Chronicles of Narnia, Wind by Ellen Dee Davidson is a

dystopian, middle grade novel that illuminates the intricate harmony which exists in nature and in society, reminding all readers that we each have an impact on the world around us." -- Rachel McMahon, Kids Lit Book Café

Davidson shares her passion for fantasy and the environment in this vibrant novel. … Love for nature shines as the author’s overarching message. … An excellent scene showing the connection between trees and fungi gives adventure fans a topic for further study. Also noteworthy is that Katie and Za could not look more different, but they win by embracing their similarities. … A bright, vividly told tale that will bring readers closer to the natural world.” – Kirkus Reviews

"Advanced elementary to middle school readers looking for a visionary fantasy story will find Wind just the ticket for a short but engrossing read. ... Ellen Dee Davidson's descriptions of this world and Katie's journey are filled with imagery and surprises: ... Young readers receive an engrossing story that wears the guise of fantasy. Under the trappings of fairies and aliens lies a message of being proactive and involved, connecting with environmental concerns in a way that results in positive change. From evolving friendships to influences that lead to self-doubt, Davidson crafts a story filled not just with action, but insights: “I was here for long enough to realize the Poison One couldn’t stand a true friendship like ours – the kind that can accept each other exactly as we are.” “And ourselves too,” added Katie, thinking how close the pool had come to convincing her not to accept herself." Wind holds an important message for middle-grade readers, couched in the guise of an adventure that adds food for thought about connections, support systems, courage, and the power of believing in oneself and the world.


This outstanding short work packs a lot of punch into a story that will appeal to young fantasy readers." –Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Overall, the whole story is well-written and magical from the beginning until the end. It was a fun and amazing read! Well done!” -- Readers’ Favorites


A magical adventure with ecological undertones, Katie is whisked to another realm where she must save it from The Poison One.” – Reedsy Reviews

 “WIND is a swashbuckling ride that is filled with adventure, humor, and characters that fans of young adult fantasy will adore. … The crispiness of the writing, the unforgettable characters, and the cunning plot will have readers racing through the pages of this book. Ellen Dee Davidson melds the art of descriptive prose with the quirkiness in character and exciting dialogues to touch the hearts of readers in unexpected ways. It is, simply put, a lovely adventure with a delightful end.” -- The Book Commentary


WIND is exciting, uplifting, inspiring, educational, and has so much depth and messages for children and adults alike!” -- Eimear Stassin, Soul Based Life Coach

Davidson delivers an entertaining story with a forward-moving balance of action and dialogue. The latter often includes words of wisdom such as "Each day is a gift" to complement the idea of an interconnected ecosystem and the sentiment that if humans learn to heal themselves, they'll also heal the earth.” -- Blue Ink Reviews

I am enjoying this book as I would a cup of tea, sipping slowly and enjoying immensely.” -- Beverly Templeton, Co-founder of Global Tree Lovers Website. 

Imagine a children’s fiction book which conveys environmental values, connecting from the heart and bringing forth a more livable world in a “can’t put it down” “action packed” novel. “Wind”, by Ellen Dee Davidson, is such a book. Important environmental topics such as soil health, mycelium and nutrient transfer between trees, biodiversity, and ancient understandings of the importance of elements that are in all living creatures are woven by magic and enchantment with the values of non-judgement, acceptance and love of others and belief in Self. “Wind” provides a lively story that can complement environmental literacy – the magic with the facts. … The magic in WIND is very different to Harry Potter magic. It is magic that we can possibly all do, if we dare to dream, and wake up.” -- Merrilee Baker, Environmental Educator, Australia

 “Imagine a world where trees are wise helpers, where animals can guide us to safety, where stories are gathered and remembered by the guardian of the deep sea, where greed and hatred become a place where everything turns to poison, where befriending the stranger becomes the path to fulfilling wishes and dreams. Welcome to the world of WIND.” -- Elyse Pomeranz, Waldorf Educator and Mentor, Canada

This book is an allegory for our times.” -- Linda Stewart, PhD, LMFT, Grandmother

Fueled by young Katie’s desire to heal her parents’ struggles at home, we are reminded of the unquestionable love and support we received from Earth as children. Each character in WIND comes to life, guiding us to restore the missing truth, whose absence is currently poisoning our world. Ultimately awakening an undeniable sense of hope and possibilities, intelligently weaving both the metaphysical and scientific, WIND offers a new expanded way to relate to and support each and every conscious living being in our world.” -- Kathleen Brigidina, TreeSisters Community Engagement Coordinator and Artist Liaison

This is a gift. I see it made into an animated screenplay.” -- Patrisha Clarkin, Grove Tender for Tree Sisters, Canada

WIND is classic fantasy.” -- Sheila Williamson, Meditator and Gardener, UK

WIND is insightful, engaging, delightful, moving, inspiring, truth-telling, relieving, and evocative.” -- Jenny Rose Smith, Deep Listening Guide, UK


Vividly imagined and lyrically told, Wind holds drama and adventure, as well as numerous beautiful descriptive passages while Katie is on her quest. … YA readers will enjoy following her and her companion, the boastful Za, as they make their way through the perils and enchantments that beset their quest.” -- Book Life Prize


A gripping and delightful fantasy adventure that takes its readers on a journey to another planet that parallels our beloved Earth with depth and mysticism that highlights living a life of kindness and compassion for the beings and creatures that share our world. Magical and enchanting realms await the reader.” --A Moon

After reading WIND, Bella, age 7, when asked by her mom if she enjoyed the book, replied, “verly, very, very, very much! I love it!Bella, age 7

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