Ellen Dee Davidson

Thank you, Susan Bennett and HSU Staff for inviting me to be a Guest Lecturer!

Magazine Article
Boulder Home & Garden Magazine, September 2013
A humorous picture book about a spoiled princess.
Young adult fantasy about a young woman who must find her Talent or lose social status.
A short picture book that promotes tolerance while teaching shapes and colors.


Growing up in southern California, body surfing in the ocean, and backpacking in the magnificent beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains, gave me a deep love for nature. As a child, I also read absolutely everything I could get my hands on, loving the way books let me have experiences and be with people from all over the world.

My parents encouraged travel, and I was lucky to live with families from other countries at a young age. At 13, I lived with the Noriegas in Mexico City where we ate pan dulce for breakfast. The next year, I spent a summer living in England with my friend's grandparents and tried kippers for breakfast (then escaped with my friend to the candy store where we filled up on sweets). When I turned 16, I was an AFS exchange student to Switzerland, and we ate yogurt for breakfast. Reading so many books, as well as living with people from other cultures and countries, gave me an appreciation for both the richness of diversity as well as how much we all have in common.

When I attended college at Colorado University, Boulder, rock climbing was my favorite subject. I also really liked my literature classes. After graduating from the University of Santa Cruz, I earned a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. My favorite subject to teach was, of course, literature. I loved reading stories aloud to children and decided to see if I could write one myself. Since then, I have published four children's books and have a bunch more in the works.

My first published book, PRINCESS JUSTINA ALBERTINA, was actually inspired by my own kids, who begged for every pet known to human. At one point, we had a horse, dog, two cats, three bunnies, chickens with names like Freddy Bob Jo and Crackalack Junior, a cockatiel, and a hamster! Head zoo keeper had never been one of my aspirations, so I wrote PRINCESS as a joke to get back at my kids. Much to my surprise, it was my first book accepted for publication.

Now my children are grown. Jessica teaches French, travels and rides horses, and Michelle is a civil engineer with a Chiweenie named Badger. Michelle wants another horse so she can ride on the beaches and trails of Humboldt County. I also live in the redwoods of Humboldt County where I continue to write stories when I'm not off hiking with my husband, Steve, and dog, Mali.

Michelle's Chiweenie Badger. He's little but valiant and hikes up mountains!

Jessica's Dog, Celeste (she's a bit of a Princess)
My husband, Steve, and me

Jessica's wedding

My daughter, Michelle, and her horse

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