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Nature Education
for Children



Walk down the path, bordered with leafy green fronds and ferns. Look up at the tall, tall trees. Listen to the babbling creek, the singing birds, and the croaking frogs. Smell the fresh, moist earthy air as you enter the enchanted realm of an ancient redwood forest. Feel the caress of soft wind on your cheeks. Everything is so alive here, and so are you. Allow yourself to imagine a world of leafy green, vibrant life. 

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Suggested Activities

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for Guided Children's

Nature Meditation

1) Invite children to draw a scene from nature: rivers, rocks, mountains, trees, sky, clouds, birds, animals, fish, insects, ocean, jungle, desert. 

2) Plant a seed in a cup, water it and watch it grow in a window, grow a garden, tend a house plant or maybe even plant a tree.

3)Play music with nature sounds in the background.

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