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Rise Up Rooted

Walk with me into the magic and mystery of the forest. Find renewal for the weary spirit, relaxation, healing, perceptual opening and connectedness. Curious about how you can deepen your relationship to nature? You are invited to a free Rise Up Rooted symposium with 20 speakers including doctors, teachers, authors, coaches, and other visionaries who will be sharing the healing power of nature and ways that you can access this for yourself. Four different inspiring interviews will be available to watch each day. Every single one is packed with practical tips for a calmer, healthier, more vibrant and grounded matter what is happening around you.

I'm delighted to be one of 20 featured speakers at this unique global event. Some of the fascinating topics include: How Turning Yourself Inside Out Can Make You Happier and Healthier, Rewilding Your Life: A Beginner's Guide, Tuning Into Trees: Transmissions from Ancient Redwoods, Nature-Based Medicine: Are You As Naturally Awesome as You Could Be?, How to Bring the Healing Power of Nature Into Your Home, Listening to and Expressing Earth's Creative Voice, Grounding Techniques to Align Your Inner Nature with Mother Nature, Mother Earth as the Great Physician for Mind, Body, and Spirit, Using Houseplants to Grow More Joy in Your Life, Nature, Animals & the Nervous System, Rekindle Your Spiritual Connection to Nature with the Wheel of the Year, Healthy Ways to Handle Stress Naturally, Walking in Nature: The 20-Minute Miracle Cure, and more. This powerful, informative event is FREE to all registered attendees but you do need to RSVP, in order to receive the joining instructions and replays are sent out. CLICK HERE

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