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Nature Education for Children

Just a reminder -- Rise Up Rooted Symposium Starts Soon! Please join us.

Please join us for another great Rise Up Rooted Symposium. I will be speaking on the subject of nature education for children. Thanks, Ellen

I am delighted to be one of 20+ featured speakers at the Rise Up Rooted Symposium, which helps give busy people practical ways to lean into the healing power of the Earth. During the symposium, you'll hear from authors, speakers, coaches, physicians, teachers and other visionaries including Danielle Collins, Cathy Nichols, Sheree Mack, Dr. Renee Wellenstein, Beth Norcross and many others sharing a wide variety of ways we can all embrace the wisdom and wonder of the Natural world and make this part of our daily lives.

Four to five different interviews will be available to watch each day. They are all packed with practical tips for a calmer, healthier, more vibrant and grounded life, no matter what is going on. I will be speaking on the importance of nature education for children.

This informative event is FREE to all registered attendees but you do need to RSVP, in order to receive the joining instructions and to receive replays the next day.

Simply click to register today for The Rise Up Rooted Symposium: Reconnect with the Earth, Reawaken Your True Nature, & Rewild Your Busy Life!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best, Ellen

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