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Message from Gaia on Corona Virus

After I shared this vision in a Tree Sisters facebook group, many people asked me to share it more widely, so I am.

I spent the day hiking in redwood wilderness and meditating for a couple hours with an ancient redwood tree. Six months ago, before I went to Florida for medical treatment for my husband, this tree had given me a vision of returning and anchoring violet light (that she told me I'd pick up in Florida) into her root system.

In Florida, there were violet sunsets and subtle violet light energy coming into my field. I discovered Sarasota is believed to be under a Star Gate Portal that showers cosmic light down.

Home again, I went to the trees, wondering what it would feel like to anchor this light. Right off, I was shown 9 beloved trees within a 50 mile radius and told to sit with them and this light would be received from my field into their root systems.

Then, this tree, who I now call Violet, gave me a phenomenal experience. A powerful beam of violet light went from her crown to mine and then down my spine into the entwined root system and grounded deep into the crystal heart of the Earth. With this vision and sensation came a feeling of being so grounded that I was in my animal body; I felt my paws pad the earth. I knew from instinct. The light was beautiful but not ethereal at all, as I expected. Instead, it was thick and sturdy.

Along with grounding the light came a sense of contact with Gaia. I could feel her intelligent, conscious awareness. She seemed to be smiling into me as she imaged in the awareness that the coronavirus is one of her many tools and with it she begins to dismantle globalization. We are being forced to live more simply and locally. Here my own mind thought of global capitalism making essential medical supplies for the USA in China, leaving us incredibly vulnerable.

Then, with a comforting twinkle, Gaia showed me that she has so many tools like this virus that could happen quickly and change everything fast. When enough of us are Restoring, she will give us ways to quickly heal the Earth. They are so unimaginable to us now that they may feel like miracles. (At this point, images of various mushrooms flitted through my mind.)

I was left with a sense of wonder and awe at the vast intelligence of our Earth Mother. Resting in her arms, I knew a security of our unfolding, no matter what happens to my individual self.

Once again, the trees imparted a sense of 2020 being a time of preparing us for the huge wave of love energy that I have been told for years will be coming to Earth in 2021.

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