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Celtic Nature Magic

This October Blue Moon, the second full moon of the month, I was called to be with the trees for several days in a row. Not knowing what to expect, and missing bunches of Zoom events, I listened to the summons and walked the wild path to Summer Tree.

Sitting in silence, I waited to discover why I'd felt such a huge knowing I had to be with the trees right now, during this exact time. At first, all that happened was letting go of lots of stress. The elections in the USA had me as wound up as many people, full of fear and anxiety. How could my beloved country have become so polarized?

As I sat in the radiance of the redwood's big being, I slowly calmed, coming back to my peaceful center. It felt like benevolent nonphysical beings were talking about me over my head. "She's one of the old ones. Eleni of the Ways," said one, giving me a blue egg striated with different shades ranging from sky blue to violet. I held the metaphysical egg in my right hand and felt the smooth marble. Somehow I knew it was a communication device, and that there was something I was supposed to share.

Tree spirits whispered in my ears, "Come back with one to three more women. You can't do this by yourself."

"Do what?" I asked, but there was no answer, although I sensed devas and elementals dancing about with the sheer joy of creative expression that is Life.

Home again, I wondered who would go with me. It's not always easy to find someone who wants to hike eight miles and meditate. Fortunately, a dear friend awoke the next morning with the guidance that she needed to go to the trees.

So we set off to Violet Tree -- a place where we'd felt the violet light once before. It's always easier to feel subtle energies with the help of the ancient trees. Still, neither of us were prepared for what happened when we closed our eyes to meditate.

We had identical visions!

An hour later, when we shared, my friend and I were shocked to discover that we'd both been showered with sparkly white light that was soft, smooth and knowing. Somehow we knew that we needed both of our fields to bring in so much refined but potent energy.

The intelligent light spontaneously traveled down both of our Celtic ancestral lines, healing them and reconnecting us to a portal with some sort of nature magic. This clear, light magic beamed through the cylindrical connection, which looked almost like a pipe or small tunnel, and then grounded right through our bodies into present time and the space of the earth beneath us. I realized that nature magic must have been at the very heart and core of ancient Celtic spirituality -- working with the elements, communing with plants and animals, listening to birds, and honoring life.

My sense was that this was the beginning of a wave of high frequency energy touching down to Earth. I've been seeing this wave of love energy coming in visions for a few years, but had never felt it before. My whole body relaxed, held and rocked in a sea of love. There was humor, laughter, music, and sweetness. Knowing infused me that this was only the beginning, and as the wave washed over our world, millions of receptive people would find their hearts opening to unimaginable comfort, love, belonging, and deep peace. Imagine what we could create from that state of consciousness!

Note: I later discovered that there is a Welsch Saint Elen who was patron saint for road builders and travelers, and was known for her light. That seems to fit, as I'm certainly traveling on a wild path...

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