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These words came to me while meditating with an ancient redwood tree recently named Beloved by a friend. The name that has come to me while sitting with this tree is Mother Bear. This redwood was asked by my friend to be a Mother Tree for people in Net of Light groups all over the world. Afterwards, I meditated with the tree several times for many hours and received the following.

My roots and mycelium go out first into the nearest and dearest, the sister trees and life in my forest. The Net of Light folks are not actually physically present inside my forest body. I can meet them from the outer layers of my energetic field, which extends for a mile all around. We can touch there or in the Net of Light. Please do not try to connect with tap roots, cords, or suck my vital life force energy. I am first a Mother Tree in my own forest. I am embodied here within Gaia’s planetary body, just like you. Embodied spirituality is different than that of nonphysical beings like the Grandmothers, Angels, Divine Mother, Goddesses, and Archetypes such as the Tree of Life or World Tree. The nonphysical beings can be everywhere at once. But I am more like a human mother who can only take care of so many children. Extending roots beyond my forest is not healthy for me. We need lots of mothers and lots of Mother Trees. You may find Mother Trees to care for right where you are living now within Mother Earth’s planetary body.

If you do wish to connect with me, do so lightly and gently, as it is only a first meeting, and perhaps only on the energetic, metaphysical level. Do not smother me in projections of your love for who you imagine me to be. Do not cast the Net of Light to me; I have my own way of connecting. Meet me in blessings and gratitude, in visions for our green future, with prayers and actions of preservation and restoration. Offer your devotion. My peace, the high vibration I radiate, travels naturally out so you can also tune into that broadcast and it will help you co-create with your local trees, plants, elementals and wildlife. Soften and slow down, gently opening as you relax, listen and receive. The more you surrender and trust, bringing your hearts full of devotion, gratitude, awe and wonder, the more you will resonate with the deep peace of the ancient forest.

“Redwoods are to the families of trees as the seraphim are to the angels. They send out a gong of pure love, light and high vibration that guides the other trees, and us if we listen.” Words spoken to me May, 2021 by David Milarch, founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, a nonprofit organization cloning ancient redwoods and planting them in living tree libraries,

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