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Baby Barred Owl in the Woods

Ran into this baby barred owl on a seldom used trail in the redwood forest yesterday. She was standing on the ground. Must have frozen in fear because she was so still that for fifteen minutes she didn't move at all, not even to blink or perceptibly breathe. I began to think it was a hoax and she must be a stuffed owl left on the trail! But then I tiptoed around her and she quickly swiveled her head, blinked her eyes, puffed out her feathers and clack-clack-clacked her beak. Wow! I sat down and decided to open to commune with her. Keeping my gaze wide and non-focal, my eyes took in her eyes, with their unfathomable gaze and completely foreign consciousness. A feeling of peace came over me, a

A Canopy Adventure with Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Twice I told David Milarch, founder of Archangel Ancient Tree Archive, an organization cloning champion trees and planting them in Living Tree Libraries all around the world, that I would love to go up in the canopy someday. When I spoke those fateful words, I was watching climbers ascend to take cuttings of the sun needles at the top of the trees, since these are the ones that have the best chance of growing new trees. I even wrote in my new book, Wild Path to the Sacred Heart, that I hoped someday I'd get to go up into the treetops. Then David did something I thought would never actually happen; he invited me to actually ascend a redwood giant. Terrified, I spent the next few weeks thinkin

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