Ellen Dee Davidson

Thank you, Susan Bennett and HSU Staff for inviting me to be a Guest Lecturer!

Magazine Article
Boulder Home & Garden Magazine, September 2013
A humorous picture book about a spoiled princess.
Young adult fantasy about a young woman who must find her Talent or lose social status.
A short picture book that promotes tolerance while teaching shapes and colors.

Yay, Sunnybrae!

A big thanks to Sunnybrae Middle School and Ferndale Elementary School!

Saving Ancient Trees
An article in September 2013 issue of Boulder Home and Garden magazine sharing David Milarch's inspiration to clone ancient trees and plant them all around the world. Find out how saving ancient trees could save us!

Princess Justina Albertina, A Cautionary Tale
Princess Justina Albertina liked to have her own way. When she didn't get it, she got a funny look in her big green eyes and started to fuss. She caused a ruckus and a rumpus and a horrible hubbub. Until the end, when she gets exactly what she deserves.

*Selected as a Best Read Aloud Picture Book (2010)
*Translated into Korean

Stolen Voices
Life in Noveskina is perfect until Miri discovers she has no Talent, and therefore faces life among the lower classes. As Miri searches for her Talent, she discovers a sinister secret about Noveskina. Will she have a chance to speak out before they come for her voice?

*Shortlisted, ALA Amelia Bloomer Project (2006)
*Selected International Youth Library White Ravens catalogue of outstanding children's & YA books (2006)
*Selected by Ontario School Board for "The Battle of the Books" (2010) along with Flush, The Giver, and The Witch at Blackbird Pond
*Assigned reading in 6th-8th grade classrooms
*Translated into German and Danish
*Yutube Videos by kids in Germany

Zoe, the Misfit
Zoe is a green triangle in a world of red circles trying her best to fit in... and not succeeding. Then Zoe discovers that there are lots of other shapes. This book is used in schools to teach peace, prevent bullying, and for cross cultural effectiveness programs.

Young Adult Dystopian Fantasy

Picture Book of Shapes, Colors, and Tolerance

A Picture Book That Packs a Punch!

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