Ellen Dee Davidson

Thank you, Susan Bennett and HSU Staff for inviting me to be a Guest Lecturer!

Magazine Article
Boulder Home & Garden Magazine, September 2013
A humorous picture book about a spoiled princess.
Young adult fantasy about a young woman who must find her Talent or lose social status.
A short picture book that promotes tolerance while teaching shapes and colors.

Star Trees

Like the redwoods sing to the sky
a palpable hum
Roots entwined in mutual support
growing tall and so big around!
It's hard to grasp that such shallow roots
lead to this --
a way to hold each other up

Trillium Falls
"May we, the people of Earth, come together and find ways to live sustainably in peace, health and harmony."

Our journeys are not inseparable, as we often like to think. They are entwined with our fellow companions along the way, our growth measured with theirs. Our hearts pulse with the beat of other hearts, with the cadence of the earth, and the delicate rhythms of the subtle realms.
The owl, mystic bird of the night and the divine feminine, flying home to all of us.

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